Module: animation/uijet-transit


uijet-transit animation module.




Animation types:

  • fold: folds the element's height from 0 to full height.


animate($el, props, callback){Array}

modules/animation/uijet-transit.js, line 236

Animates an elements' properties.

Name Type Description
$el Array.<HTMLElement>

wrapped HTMLElement to animate.

props string | Object

valid CSS text to set on the element's style, or a map of style properties.

callback function optional

callback to run at the end of the animation.

of the animation frames requested for this animation + callback.

transit(widget, direction, callback){uijet}

modules/animation/uijet-transit.js, line 169

Transitions a widget's element into or out of view.

Related options:

  • transition: type of animation to use for the transition. Defaults to uijet.options.transition which defaults to fade.
Name Type Description
widget Widget

the widget instance to transition.

direction string optional

direction of transition - 'in' or 'out'. Defaults to 'in'.

callback function optional

callback to invoke at end of transition.


modules/animation/uijet-transit.js, line 119

Applies prepareElement() of this module on this.$wrapper.


modules/animation/uijet-transit.js, line 85

Applies transition out of view.

Name Type Description
no_transitions boolean optional

whether to suppress the animation.


modules/animation/uijet-transit.js, line 64

Initializes the instance's element state to the out-of-view state and optionally (and by default) turns hardware acceleration on on transitions of this instance.


  • pre_prepareelement: triggered at the beginning of this method.

Related options:

  • transition: the type of animation to use for the transition. Defaults to uijet.options.transition.
  • dont_promote: whether to prevent promotion of this element to its own layer, aka hardware acceleration.