Mixin: Searched

search/uijet-search. Searched

Mixin that adds searching logic to widgets.



highlight(text, term){string}

modules/search/uijet-search.js, line 158

Highlights results in given text by mathcing against term.

Name Type Description
text string

the text to search in.

term string

the term to find and highlight.

highlighted text.


modules/search/uijet-search.js, line 131

Constructs and initializes a search index.

Related options:

  • search {@type Object}: SearchIndex instance configuration object.
Name Type Description
options Object optional

SearchIndex instance configuration object. Defaults to search config option.

modules/search/uijet-search.js, line 147

Performs search using given term and returns list of results.

Name Type Description
term string

the search term to use for searching the documents.

ref string | null optional

override the ref option just for this search.

list. Can be a list of documents or values specified by ref option.