Module: module:router/director


Router adapter for the Director router.




runRoute(route, is_silent){uijet}

modules/router/director.js, line 78

Executes a handler for a given route.

Name Type Description
route string

the route to match for a handler to execute.

is_silent boolean optional

if true just triggers the handler. Otherwise sets the given route in the browser's addressbar.

setRoute(widget, route, callback){uijet}

modules/router/director.js, line 42

Registers a route to be handled by a given Routed widget instance.

Name Type Description
widget Object

the widget instance that will intercept this route.

route string optional

the route to register to. Defaults to calling widget.getRoute().

callback string | function optional

key that can be parsed to a handler, widget method, signal or event to publish, or a function, to use as callback for the route. Defaults to the widget's wake().